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Eco drift car wash

Eco Drift is a Portsmouth based company, offering the Ultimate car wash and valeting services, tailor made to the requirements of our clients. We are delivering a high quality services, provided by a professional and dedicated team, using only 100% biodegradable, petroleum free, waterless car cleaning products, which ensure spotless cars with minimum water waste, significantly longer lasting shining effect and protection against UV and other nasties, at a reasonable price.

Eco Drift is offering a wide range of valeting services: Mobile waterless car wash and valeting services in Hampshire, Fleet car valeting service for Companies, Councils and Organisations, Car Dealership Valeting Service - for the motor trade and Car park hand car wash and valeting solutions - for big shopping and entertainment centres across the UK.

The company main strengths are the environment friendly approach with use of high quality 100 % biodegradable cleaning products and delivery of the best service from a professional and dedicated team. This is all it takes to guarantee sparkling cars with minimum water waste, great long lasting protection against the sun, UV, salt and weather deterioration.

Our major goal is to promote an eco conscious approach to the car wash industry as well as an awareness and participation of the customers in the preservation of the natural resources.

The Eco Drift waterless uses less than 7 oz of water for a single wash. Choosing Eco Drift car wash for your next service provider, together we could save more than 700 glasses of water every single time. Multiplying this to the average number of car washes per year /average of 10 visits to the car wash/ and by the number of vehicles in the UK /about 33 000 000/, we could easily estimate the amount of water we could save for a year – over 10 billion gallons. But saving water is not a single achievement – by going waterless, we also reduce the consumption of energy used by water supply companies for processing and delivery of water to our households or to the car wash. This cut down the carbon emissions pumped out into the atmosphere and combat the global warming!

Go Waterless! Catch the Eco Drift and together we can make the world better and greener place for the generation to come!


Just a few things our customers have to say about us...

It has been a pleasure using Eco Drift.  Staff are friendly and professional, and I cannot fault the attention to detail when they valet my car!  I'm also saving the environment by using them!  Bonus! 

Jo Butler - Babcock International Group

Hi, just a note to say that I had my car cleaned by Eco Drift at Lakeside last Friday and it was absolutely first class.
 Best wishes, Jane

Eco Drift are a pleasure to deal with. Bookings are dealt with politely and easily. They arrive precisely on time, smiling and happy to work hard producing an excellent result on the car. Excellent value for money, I would not hesitate to recommend.

Madeline, Portsmouth


Dear Ecodrift, I am very impressed with the valet you carried out on my Saab Convertible today. I also appreciate the fact of it being ecologically sound, important in this day and age. The attention to detail is refreshing as is the politeness you showed.


With regards, Elizabeth Davies

I was very impressed with the service, the products used and would recommend eco-drift to anyone - my car has never been so clean since it came of the forecourt as new!

 I was also fortunate enough to meet the owner of eco-drift who carried out the task of cleaning my car and his professional attitude was a testament to his professional business and I wish him every success.
Frank, Portsmouth

My car didn’t look as good as this when I drove it, brand new, off the Retailer’s forecourt. I’m totally impressed by the ‘Eco’ part of this service with Toni arriving by bike and using no water.

It’s not often that you feel 100% confident in recommending a service to friends but there is no problem here.


Eco Drift did a great job.. the car looks fantastic.. will always use them..

Nicholas Yong

My experience of EcoDrift was excellent. Very professional in all aspects. It's a fantastic idea. The car can be cleaned anywhere and it's great to know you are not using vast amounts of valuable water. Thanks for a super car valet and very best wishes to you.  

Claire Camden

Superb Service by Eco Drift, lovely personnel and what a great attitude for the Environmental issues! I wouldn’t use anybody else to valet my car!

Best regards guys!

John, Portsmouth


I thought that it would be useful to other customers to share my experience with Eco Drift car clean:

First I was a bit unsure about waterless car wash system, but after a phone conversation with the owner – Toni, who explained to me the process and the advantagesthe method has over the traditional wash. We arranged a date and time and I had my precious car valeted. The only way to describe my imression would be:perfection!

Great customer service, attention to every detail and reasonable prices.. What else could you possible want from a car wash?!

Mark Parker, Waterloovile


Hi, EcoDrift team,

I just want to say a big thank you for the job you have done today for my new car! It looks lovely and Im afraid to get in it, as I will make it dirty again 

Meggie, Southsea





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